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15% Off Pads and Pouches for Environmenstrual Week of Action!

Posted by Adam Kramer Collaborator on

Get excited! This year, Charlie Banana® is taking #PeriodAction and joining Wen (Women’s Environmental Network) in its 2nd annual Environmenstrual Week of Action!

Environmenstrual Week of Action 2019


The week of 12 — 19th October, 2019.



What’s happening?

All kinds of #Plasticfreeperiods events, including the Environmenstrual Festival in the UK.

Also, the last day of #EWOA2019 is marks the National Period Day in the US — first ever! To support this initiative, organized by @periodmovement, you can sign the petition to end period poverty.

Here at Charlie Banana®, we are celebrating by having 15% OFF select feminine pads and multi pouch bags (use code: EPERIODCB15)

15% off Charlie Banana reusable eco-friendly feminine pads and multi pouch bags

Why should I care?

Because plastic periods affect your health — and your planet.

Did you know that…

  • A menstrual pad can be made up of up to 90% plastic. Each year, about 1.5 — 2 billion menstrual products are flushed down the toilets — that’s just in Britain.
  • Every year, plastic waste takes lives up to 1 million seabirds and 100,000 sea mammals and marine turtles, as well as countless fish. Human health is affected, too.
  • Non-organic menstrual products contain traces of chemical pesticides used to grow conventional cotton. Also, these chemicals harm the workers involved in cotton production.
  • Bleaching process used for conventional menstrual pads can generate dioxin, one of the most toxic and persistent chemicals, known to cause reproductive disorders and cancer. 


What can I do?

Go reusable!

Washable cloth pads, menstrual cups and period underwear are all good options.

If you are not ready to completely give up the disposables just yet, switch to plastic-free 100% organic pads and tampons.

#PlasticFreePeriods are better for the environment — and for your health.

Check out our 10 Compelling Reasons to Switch to Reusable Feminine Pads!

15% off Charlie Banana reusable eco-friendly feminine pads and multi pouch bags

How can Charlie Banana® help?

We’ve created dozens of super-stylish and ultra-comfy reusable feminine pads that are safe, environmentally friendly and just downright cute! We promise you’ll love them.

To support #EWOA2019, we offer 15% OFF select feminine pads and multi pouch bags (use code: EPERIODCB15, valid 12 - 19 of October). 

It’s time to take #PeriodAction!

Take #periodaction

More resources:

Read more about Environmenstrual Week of Action here.

Find out how periods influence environment here.

Learn more about National Period Day here!

Sign the petition to end period poverty here.

15% off Charlie Banana reusable eco-friendly feminine pads and multi pouch bags


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