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8 Fun Things to Do When You’re Stuck at Home with Kids

Posted by Olga Baker on

Snow days, rainstorms, quarantine — there are plenty of reasons you might need to spend a few days at home with your kids.

While cloth diapers will take some worries off your mind (you'll always have enough diapers at home!), you might still find yourself wondering if you are able to keep the little explorers busy throughout the day (and stay sane along the way).

Being stuck in the house with young kids might sound like trying to contain a hurricane in a box. But don’t panic! There are many ways to turn an I-need-to-escape day into a so-much-fun-indoors one.

Here are a few ideas of what to do with kids when you have to stay inside.

1. Cook. Mixing, stirring, mashing, patting — few children will say no to that! Stick to easy recipes, accept the mess, and delegate simple tasks to your little sous-chefs.

Bonus point: They will feel grown-up and important — you will get dinner off your to-do list.

    Image credit: @slowlivingmomma
    2. Have a fashion show. Halloween dress-up in March? Yes, please! Enlisting mommy and daddy as models? Sign us up! Dressing up stuffed animals? Let’s do it! You can experiment with the clothing you have — or create outfits out of aluminum foil, toilet paper, paper bags, or whatever you have handy.
    Bonus point: A perfect occasion to start decluttering your closet.
    3. Think inside a box. There are few things that can keep kids’ attention as effectively as cardboard boxes. You can turn them into houses, boats, a little maze room or giant building blocks, decorate them with stickers or color them with markers… The possibilities are endless!
    Bonus point: Those Amazon boxes you never had time to break down? Your kids got you!
    4. Exercise together. Physical activity is a must for channeling kids’ endless energy (read: keeping them from destroying the house). You can improvise a Zumba class, teach them a few asanas or have a jumping jacks and squats competition.
    Bonus point: Children get rid of their energy surplus, you don’t feel guilty for that gym class you skipped!

    Photo credit: Erica Villas

    5. Read. Story time is not just for bedtime! Pick up a few old favorites, or grab some books that have been waiting for their chance to be read. Then cuddle under a blanket and dive into the story world.

    Bonus point: Getting a much-needed break after that impromptu Zumba class.

    6. Go through old pictures. Those albums and stacks of photos you never get to look at? Their time has come! Relive the good memories, show kids what they looked like when they were smaller, tell them about their ancestors or the aunties who live overseas. You can also create a collage or decorate your fridge with the photos you love!

    Bonus point: A huge nostalgia fix (and did we mention decluttering ops?)

    7. Throw a party! Did you check your calendar? It’s your child’s favorite teddy bear’s birthday! Leftover party hats, unused balloons, long-forgotten confetti pack — this is their time to shine! Don’t forget to make a special Playdoh birthday cake and wrap up some presents.

    Bonus point: It’s the easiest party you’ll ever have to throw, we promise.

    Image credit: @godblodwife

    8. Cuddle. Opportunities to spend the whole day hugging your loved ones at home are rare. Take advantage! This is perfect time for spooning, napping together and lots and lots of cuddles.

    Bonus point: Research suggests that hugs may help boost immune system. And they feel good, too!

    What is your go-to activity for spending time at home with kids? Share your favorite tips with us on Facebook and Instagram!

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