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Happy Buddha's Birthday! Take 15% OFF the entire site

Posted by Olga Baker on

Image credit: @willybmum

Hardly any person has influenced the world as much as Buddha. Today, we’re happy to join thousands around the world in celebrating his life and his journey!

As Buddha once said, a jug is filled drop by drop. Just like that, a change is achieved step by step.

Every time you opt for reusable, you add another drop to the jug of universal goodness.

Every time you choose cloth, you make this world a little bit cleaner.

While this alone might not get you out of samsara, it does benefit the planet (and your karma).

Buddha believed in giving, and so do we. This is why today and tomorrow (May 12 - 13), we are giving you 15% OFF the entire site with the code BUDDA2019 (valid for purchases of $49.99 / €49.99 / HKD 388 or more).

Happy Buddha's Birthday! The only birthday that lasts two days :-)

Charlie Banana Team


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