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Let's celebrate Real Nappy Week and Earth Day together!

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Earth day - a day to reflect: what can I do as an individual for Mother Earth, what is it all about? We at Charlie Banana found one answer - sure, it doesn’t cover all big questions, but the beginning of action is much better than just thoughts. Every little effort makes a difference. 

So let me explain what makes it special for me to be part of Charlie Banana team, especially on Earth Day and Real Nappy Week. I have been with Charlie Banana for 10 years and some of you might have met me, Neringa, online via social media or customer services. 

I love working for a company with a mission to inspire parents to reduce waste and use better products for their family. Part of being “better” is this case means also being reusable – thus being better for the earth, the environment.

Charlie Banana reusable products, among many, include cloth diapers/ nappies. As a parent I know that there are so many benefits of cloth diapering - savings, they are healthier, cuter -  but today I'll focus on their environmental impact.  

Cloth diapers reduce trash in landfills

 Cloth diapering prevents nearly 6,100 diapers per child being trashed in to the landfill, equivalent to a ton or trash per child over the 2 year period.

Disposable diapers are the third most common consumer product in landfills and take about 500 years to decompose. So every time you put a cloth diaper on your baby’s bum, one throw away diaper has stayed out of the landfills. 

Energy Factor

Ginny Caldwell, in her article "Diapers. Disposable or
 Cotton?” stated that it takes 5 x more energy to make and 
dispose of a disposable diaper than a cloth diaper.

But sometimes people say that we use a lot of water and energy to wash cloth diapers, and that energy savings would be lost in this way.

Once you look into facts, disposable diapers cause 2.5 times more C02 emissions than cloth diapers, if you don't use a tumble drier. Using tumble drier, cloth diapers still use 1.4 less C02 emissions than disposables (source:  Milieucentraal). As sundrying is great for getting rid of stains, many of cloth diapering moms do that this way, making cloth diapering so much more energy efficient than disposables!  

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So if you want to minimize your contribution to landfills and are considering getting into cloth, join us for Earth Day and Real Nappy Week celebration! 

This is your chance to stok up with 20% OFF on our selected items on SALE page during Earth Day and Real Nappy Week - April 22-29, 2018 (while stock lasts). We have extended our Sale selection, so there's a big choice of colors and prints of our main reusable products. 

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 Satisfaction of making a difference... Priceless!

Happy Earth Day! For us it's Earth day everyday!


Neringa and the Charlie Banana Team


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