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Reusable Feminine Pads: 10 Reasons to Say «I Do»

Posted by Olga Baker on

Let’s be honest: what was your gut reaction the first time you’ve heard about reusable feminine products? Ewww? Gross? Disgusting? You’re not alone! We’ve been in the exact same situation and thought the exact same things — that is, until we gave a washable menstrual pad a try. We haven’t looked back at the disposable ever since.

To an uninitiated person, the idea of a reusable menstrual product might sound uncomfortable, at the very least. Yet when you give it more thought and do more research, you realize that washable sanitary pads are the most natural, comfortable and eco-friendly way to get through your period. Your great-grandmother did it, for crying out loud, as did her great-grandmother. Why shouldn’t you keep up the legacy?

Sure enough, modern-day «mamapads» are far more advanced than what they used to be a hundred or five hundred years ago. They are soft, come in different sizes, stay put in one place and are just downright pretty (who said you shouldn’t get through your period all in style?). Better yet, they still rock all the benefits their 100-year-old predecessors had.

So if you are still making up your mind as to whether to give Reusable Feminine Pads a try, here are a few reasons why you might want to say yes.

Charlie Banana reusable feminine pads combo

1) Reusable pads save the planet

Ever wondered how many tampons, applicators and pads end up in the landfill? Some 20 billion. Every year. That is — in North America alone.

Not only do disposable menstrual products take hundreds of years to decompose, but they also leave a tangible carbon footprint, due to the amount of fossil fuel required for processing the thermoplastic used in conventional sanitary products.

Bottom line: want to become best friends with mother nature? Go reusable.

2) They also might save your body

Chances are high you’ve already heard about the carcinogenic pesticides, chlorine and other harsh chemicals involved in the production of conventional menstrual products. While experts are still arguing about whether the levels of these substances in pads and tampons are high enough to pose a considerable danger to a female body, you will likely have more peace of mind knowing that your body stays away from unsafe chemicals (better safe than sorry, right?).

On top of that, even when made of organic materials, tampons can lead to the infamous Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). Switching to cloth menstrual pads will make sure that you never forget a tampon inside and, thus, put yourself at an unnecessary risk.

3) They are highly absorbent

A normal size disposable tampon or pad holds up to 5 ml of liquid (an equivalent of a teaspoon) . The thinnest Charlie Banana feminine pad (size «Liner») absorbs up to 40 ml, which is eight times as much! The absorbency levels go up to the crazy 120 ml (in size «Super+»), which means that the pads can handle not only the blood flow, but even mild incontinence.

4) They are gentler on your budget

A 2015 Huffington Post article estimated that an average woman, who menstruates for 38 years, will spend about $1,773 on tampons and $443 on panty liners over the cost of her lifetime. By switching to reusable feminine products, you can cut that cost dramatically.

Let’s say, you purchase two sets of washable cloth pads with different absorbency and replace them every two years. With the initial investment of $37, it will bring the lifetime cost of your period care down all the way to $703!

5) They don’t smell

Synthetic fragrance? Artificial smells that remind you of cheap air freshener? Perfume of unknown chemical composition? All this is so passé!

When your senses are already sharpened by your hormones, some foreign fragrance haunting you throughout your day is the last thing you need. So are the irritation, itching and discharge, which can all be caused by scented products. Smell-free is the way to go, and here at Charlie Banana we know it like no one else.

Charlie Banana Reusable Feminine Pads

Image credit: @sarahcameronmusic

6) They stay in one place while you move

Say bye to old worries about your sanitary pad not staying where you put it (and all the related consequences). With two nifty snaps, Charlie Banana feminine pads remain just where you need them to be. This makes them ideal for travel, active lifestyle and even exercising! They only have one downside — no more excuses for skipping that Pilates class!

7) They are so darn cute!

Can we tell you enough how much we love, love, love designing our feminine pads? So much that we have already created over a dozen designs, and we ain’t stopping!

Yes, hygiene products are not something you will showcase to everybody out there (though with patterns this cute, you probably can make your neighbors jealous when you hang them outside to dry). Yet we believe that what you wear is not about impressing others, but about reflecting your personality and making you feel good.

And doesn’t it feel good knowing that underneath your clothes you are wearing something stylish and pretty that only you can admire? Nothing like a playful little secret to lift your hormone-laden mood!

8) They work great with menstrual cups

If you use a menstrual cup, but feel worried about possible leaks, reusable sanitary pads are here for you. For this purpose, we love Charlie Banana feminine pads in size «Liner». They provide extra protection, while staying super-discreet and comfy. Now you can enjoy the benefits of the cup AND not have to worry about messing up your undies ever again!

9) They are just more comfortable

If there is any time when we want you to feel extra cozy and comfy, that is your time of the month. Menstruation is a very special occasion when your body purifies and renews itself, so extra self care on these days is not a whim, it’s a need!

One of the most flattering feedback we keep hearing about our feminine pads is: «They are so comfortable!» And while amidst our hectic schedules we don’t always have a chance to spend our period wrapped up in a fluffy blanket with a cup of hot chocolate in our hands, we can at least choose to use the best feminine products.

We even developed a special set for those who are just embarking on their journey of womanhood. «My First Period» was specially created for the youngest of us, who need the most care on their first special days. These pads are super soft and comfy and come in two cheerful designs (Ballerina and Dinosaurs & Donuts), which are meant to make you (or your loved one) feel cherished and comforted.

10) They are becoming available at major retailers

Charlie Banana reusable menstrual pads are readily available at:

as well as at many independent retailers all over the world and — surprise, surprise!  Charlie Banana’s own website.

Remember to leave reviews when you purchase Charlie Banana products through any of these websites! You’ll do us a huge favor.

Meanwhile, we are working on taking over the world and making our washable feminine products accessible at every major retailer. Stay tuned!

And here is a little bonus for you for reading this far — a secret coupon tucked away for especially curious minds.

Coupon for Charlie Banana eco-friendly reusable feminine pads

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