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We Love them. (Period)

Posted by Adam Kramer Collaborator on

Have you heard the women's rage in the news all over from South Korea against manufacturers of disposable feminine care products and toxic chemicals found? Toxic Shock Syndrome is also not a new topic, but hopefully by now us women have heard about it loud and clear.

I consider myself a modern woman. Bold and sophisticated as any French International Business woman may be. I treasure my life, my health, and Feminine Care is not a taboo subject in my world. 

Like most women my age, I grew up using a mix of tampons and disposable feminine pads. Frankly, even from early days, I was never a big fan of disposable feminine pads.

Then, one day, I discovered and tried Reusable Sanitary Feminine Pads. At first, the idea of washing them was not very appealing, but being a cloth diapering mom and an advocate of changing the world for the better and healthier ...I decided to give it a try... 

OMG - the first time I had my period and wore my nice fluffy super feminine pad... I was feeling like a Victoria's Secret model sitting on a big cloud, reading a book and eating chocolate while having a chat with the other cloud angel from Philadelphia's Cream Cheese commercial!  Ahahah it was that amazing! Since then, I am a reusable feminine pads girl and I proudly hang them out to dry as often as possible.

Winc Design has been manufacturing Feminine Care products for close to a decade now and our line of Charlie Banana feminine care products continues to grow stronger every day. Our latest Combo pack is coming out this month and in super cute colors and will be available in many major retailers and on our website. Something that you would think weird at first, is actually the nicest product to wear when you are having your period.    Goodbye disposable Sanitary Feminine pads, Hello Reusable Sanitary Feminine Pads.


We bring "Period" conversation to the table as every day topic. We have had business dinners where our male buyers discussed their wife's periods and needs with us in the most compassionate manner. They touched our Reusable Feminine Care products with admiration and brought samples to their co workers and wives. It's so nice to see retailers like and Walmart getting on board. 

Monthly period is part of being a woman - it's a very intense time and every woman has a different experience. Comfort and health is a must for everyone. If only I could count and video all the times where I shared my love for Reusable washable feminine pads with my friends and got their first reaction:...  Yuuew... Gaëlle ... Really ??? Washable?  They would hold the sample by their fingertips as if it was a dead animal... 



I would then ask them to try and to trust me ... 

And then I would get a phone call... 

-" OMG  - you were so right... those are so cool. I am so sorry.. is your free sample pack offer still on?

To all of you women, all I can say is ... give a try to Reusable Washable Feminine Pads!

The benefits are :

- Healthier

- Comfortable

- Economical

- Highly absorbent, suitable for mild incontinence too.                                                

- Smell free

- Cute and colorful

- They stay put with 2 snaps 

- You never run out

- Ideal during sports activities.

- You can see the actual color of your blood (the more red and light the healthier you are, the darker the more your body has toxins)

 CB Tips: Prewash your pads with eco-friendly detergent after using them. 

And we have just won the Eco-Excellence Award 2017 for Best Feminine Hygiene Product ( )... they are that good! 

I wanted to share my love with you for our Feminine care products... I hope that this reaches you well and that you did not feel that I over-shared it with you. It is a personal matter and a very personal choice.

Be Good,

Gaëlle Wizenberg


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