Why Charlie Banana?




7.6 billion pounds of diapers a year discarded in the U.S. That’s about the weight of a billion newborn babies.

Why choose Charlie Banana?

  •         Patented sizing system
  •         Super soft fleece and organic cotton
  •         1 year warranty
  •         High CPSIA standard certification
  •         We abide by strict labor laws
  •         We give back to nonprofits and organizations like Operation Smile
  •         We promote waste reduction and eco-friendliness
  •         We inspire people all over the world to change to be healthier
  •         We are a fun company and that loves our customers
  •         We are a small company with a big heart
  •         We are devoted to changing the world and not simply making a profit.
  •         International team made of France, Canada, China (Hong Kong), Brazil, Philippines, Italy, Scotland and Lithuania 

Because We Care... Be Good, Do Good, Feel Good is our philosophy.


The Charlie Banana Team.