Why Cloth

Health Facts: Charlie Banana Products are good for your baby as the diaper keeps the baby comfortable. Only soft fleece touches your baby skin. Babies should be changed every 2 hours. Do not use baby powder.
The cost savings of cloth diapering are proven. You'll save an average of $1000 to $2500 depending on the brand you use to diaper your baby. If you use reusable wipes you'll save even more.

Eco Conscious - The average baby will use 6000 diapers the first 24 months. It's not uncommon to see babies in diapers until they are 4.5 years old. That's over 1 ton of diapers generated by a child.
You only need 24 to 36 diapers. A lot less trips to the stores and we are not counting the disposable wipes, the diaper genie plastic etc...


The CUTE Factor! Cloth diapers designs are so adorable especially Charlie Banana Ones! outfit and Picture perfect Every time.

Protection from blow out, with superior fit and snug.
Great absorbency.
Baby sleeps better because it's so soft and comfortable. 
Cloth diapers facilitates baby’s potty training because they feel the wetness when they pee in their diapers. With disposable they are dry instantly and do not establish that connection, which delays the potty training process. YAY!